What Should I do After Graduation in Commerce

All of you must have heard stories by your grandparents when graduation was thought to be an esteemed education degree. Due to lack of resources, only a few people were able to reach even till graduation. Today we are living in an age of technological development where education has no limit and there are unlimited resources for the aspiring student. In today’s time, lakhs of students pass the graduation courses every year. With the advancement in the popularity of commerce and its wide scope for securing future, there is a huge rise in the number of commerce graduates every year.

In spite of very high cut-offs at the graduation level admission, the charm of popularity for commerce is immensely increasing and knows no bounds. The wide scope after studying commerce attracts all the students who love to mingle with numbers, facts, and figures. Students choose commerce due to several reasons after their schooling at the college level. Although there are some students, who plan their entire qualification and plan all that they have to do in their life. Still, many students are left wondering “what should I do after graduation in commerce?” This article is for all the students who are still thinking about what should they do after graduation in commerce?


Before exploring the chief areas where the students can avail shining opportunities, let us observe the features of commerce.

  1. Commerce is the strong foundation of any nation.
  2. Commerce gives the opportunity to explore the vast growth of business and earn a good amount.
  3. Commerce demands dedication, interest, hard work and sincere efforts on the part of the students.
  4. All the subjects of commerce need detailed exploration and research to master them.
  5. Commerce is termed as the study of trade and business.
  6. Students should accept commerce as a challenge and master its techniques.


After the intermediate, the students of commerce stream opt for B.COM, BBA, and other graduate level courses. After graduation, there are a plethora of options available for the commerce students. It becomes a challenging and daunting task for the student to explore all the options available and choose the best one for them. Here, we are to help you in deciding the most important aspect of a graduate student, “WHAT SHOULD I DO AFTER GRADUATION IN COMMERCE?”

Here is a list of all the best courses offered for the commerce students after graduation.


It is the dream carrier of every commerce student as it is the 2nd best course in the world. The exams for CA are conducted by the Institute of Charted Accountants. Students need to clear 3 levels to become a CA i.e., CPT, IPCC, and final CA. If you are a graduate you can directly enroll for IPCC. The second truth about the CA course is that only 2 to 3 % of the students are able to clear all the levels of CA and become CA. Think hundreds of times and talk to yourself clearly and only if you are ready to study hard for many hours together till you achieve your goal daily as a routine than only step into the world of CA. If not so, do not lose heart, there are several other options for you.


The second best choice commerce students have of their dream carrier is Company Secretary. It is often misunderstood to be similar to CA but is quite different. It relates to the legal aspects of the business and qualitative analysis. The student holds the degree for CS after completing foundation, executive and final level. CS has immense and vast opportunities for the commerce graduate and clears all doubts as to what should a commerce student do after graduation.

3. M. COM

M.com is a postgraduate course for commerce graduate students. Many students pursue it and become professors and teach commerce to the coming generations. M. COM is done with specialization in a particular subject like economics, statistics, finance, business and accounting further extended to completing M.phil or Ph.D. in particular subject.


In case you finally decided to go for MBA in Finance after your graduation, you must start your preparation for entrance examinations ( CAT, XAT, GMAT ) in the final year of graduation itself.

4. CMA

CMA stands for Certified Management Accountant. This is one of the prestigious and famous international courses conducted by the Institute of Certified Management Accountant. To become a CMA one has to appear for two exams conducted at more than 100 centers in the world.

5. CPA

CPA is another famous international course equivalent to CA organized by American Institute of CPA. A commerce graduate needs to clear a 14hrs examination for four subjects- auditing and Attestation (AUD), financial accounting and reporting (FAR), regulation (REG) and business environment concept (BEC).


We have already diagnosed six carrier opportunities after graduation in commerce but you are still in dreams as to what should I do after graduation in commerce and especially accounting ACCA is just for you. ACCA is organized by the Association of Charted Certified Accountants. The student needs to clear four levels and 14 subjects in total to clear ACCA. It provides a charming scope of having a grand career in tax or audit.

7. BAT

If finance and accounts blow your heart away and excite you to know the science behind accounting, taxation, reporting, and compliance Business Accounting and Taxation course is just for you. BAT course will start from basics of journal entries and will give you total practical exposure of accounting and taxation along with SAP, TALLY and Quick Book training.

8. CFA

CFA is also an international course that stands for Charted Financial Analyst. This course is conducted by CFA Institute.


It is abbreviated as Cost accounting course offered by Institute of Costs and Works Accountants of India. After completing it you can further go for M.phil or Ph.d. the student’s dream of becoming a financial controller, cost controller, chief internal auditor or chief accountant can be turned into reality after successfully doing ICWAI.

Other than the above there are some more options available for commerce students after graduation. Take a deep breath and think wisely, what should I do after graduation in commerce? Take your time to arrive at the perfect decision for your dream career. Preparation for banking, being a professor, or preparing for some government jobs can also be some options that you may like to opt for. Here are a few such choices listed below:


Now, you have seen almost every possibility that is available after graduation for a commerce student. It is you as a student who knows your capabilities, dreams, and aspirations. All other people can give their opinions and it is no harm to gather as much information as you can. But the final word should come from your heart and soul. Analyze all your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges before you decide upon anything. Once you choose to stick to it, work hard and achieve your goal.

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