Prepare for CA Final Exams

The results are in and look like it was pretty positive. Passing the two biggest hurdles of CPT & IPC was definitely no piece of cake for students but now it is time to face the finals, CA finals.

Like many of you already know, CA final is absolutely different from CPT and IPC, CA requires a great deal of studying and dedication and maybe a little more effort to pass its exams.

Pre-planning and discipline are the main tools you would need to nail CA in your first attempt. We’re talking planning in bulk and discipline in bulk as well.

Here is the most crucial aspect when it comes to studying for CA…


The most important decision made by a student for a great and successful study schedule or plan.

Students who pursue education via distance or online classes should consider Self-study as it is generally good for them and let’s not forget the ease and accessible aspect of self-studying. It makes you more peculiar about your flaws and keeps you up to date with your own self and your own weakness.

Every subject doesn’t need to be self-taught just like some subjects don’t require classes or supervision.

Here are Some Subjects that Require Classes: –

  1. Financial Reporting
  2. Strategic Financial Management
  3. Advanced Management Accounting
  4. Direct Tax
  5. Indirect Tax

Focusing on subjects like audit and law during your ‘serious study session’ and try to link and relate it to every practical piece of knowledge you get.

Many subjects are theoretical and easy to understand but subjects like Law and Audit are difficult and require a teacher’s attention.

Try to complete every class before you apply for an exam leave and remind yourself to choose an article ship place where you can squeeze out time for your classes and studies as well.

Taking classes for all 8 subjects might not be a good idea as each class and subject consumes a good amount of time and makes it sort of impossible to maintain your articles schedule.

CA Final Practice Manual

Two classes a day are more than enough as they require precise revision and immediate attention on topics to help you imprint them in your brain. More than two classes a day can drain your brain as well as your will to study further.

This has caused many to quit CA even before writing their roll numbers on the answer sheet.

Try spreading your classes on alternate days and learn to manage the schedule of your revision and classes accordingly.

Which is the Best Coaching Class?

It’s almost cute that you are looking for an answer to this question. There can’t be any right answer,  to be honest.

Getting reviews about classes and teachers from your friends and neighbors is the best way possible.

Going by the number of students and type of institute is not a good idea. Not everything glitters is gold.

Research and trial classes are the best ways to find out the perfect institute and getting yourself enrolled in.

CA Final Study Material

 The study material issued by ICAI is and must be considered as the grail for course study, but many students prefer notes from their teachers and books from independent publishers as they give more content and a vast and easier understanding.

The best idea is to never refer to more than one book for a concept it will result in confusion and may reflect on your marks.

 CA Final Syllabus

The syllabus for CA finals can be obtained from your institute’s website or from the website of ICAI.

However, the vast syllabus could be covered with difficulties and may cause improper time management.

Buckle down and gear up for the showdown of CA.

Best of luck.

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