Importance Of Commerce Stream

Commerce is the foundation of any society. The strong the foundation is, stronger will be the society and its people. India is a growing economy and the growth of any economy for that matter rests on the shoulders of its commerce sector. This implies the importance of commerce stream. Commerce is not just a branch for studies or a stream to choose it is the strong base on which any nation exists. It shows that how important is the commerce stream in any society. The students who choose commerce as a stream have a huge responsibility not only of fetching a good salary but also of the growth of society and nation as a whole. Gone are the days when there was a dominance of science stream, now commerce is a popular choice among the students and the importance of commerce stream can be felt in every domain.

Business Minded

Exploded population growth and lack of better job opportunities have shifted the interest of our youth towards business rather than drawing a fixed salary. Earlier education was mere a means of achieving a degree on the basis of which one can draw a good salary every month. Dreams are inflating and the youth is not satisfied with the salary and risks and uncertainty of job. The youth wants a more secure and growth oriented life which can be provided by hard earned business. This is also one of the reasons that the importance of commerce can be seen so clearly and it is becoming the first choice of the students.

Commerce Is Surely Not A Mid Way

There used to be a misconception that science is a difficult stream and needs more hard work, time and efforts of the students to achieve success in life. Humanity stream was opted by those who were interested in theory, literature or any other art form. Humanity was thus a creative zone left for creative and imaginative students. Commerce was thought to be a mid zone, but it is not so in reality. Commerce as stream needs its own dedication, interest, hard work and sincere efforts to be the king of your stream. The myth about the importance of commerce stream should be broken that commerce is not a mid way for sure.

Commerce: As A Subject

Commerce is a vast subject that teaches the students all the aspects of trade and business. The major subjects taught in this field are economics, accountancy, business studies and statistics. Every subject has a special importance of its own and covers a specific area of commerce to highlight the importance of commerce stream as a whole. Every subject needs detailed exploration and research in its own zone for the student to master it. On the one hand where economics gives the student a deep insight to the economic condition and historical background of Indian economics accountancy teaches the students the skills to maintain the log books of accounts and financial sector. Business study teaches the students hacks to grow their business extra ordinarily in the modern definition. Commerce is a subject of crucial importance for the students as well as the society and the nation.

 Scope Of Commerce Stream And Career Choices

Commerce is in vogue among the young generation and is a career of choice for most of the students even after the high cut offs, exhibits the importance of commerce stream among students. Commerce is a popular choice of the masses which provides a plethora of career choices for success and financial security. The stream of commerce offers a wide range of secured career choices for its students like charted accountant, cost accountant, finance management, business management, and hotel management with bright future in banking and finance sectors as well. Company secretary is also a nice choice for the students of commerce. Above all these career opportunities the students of commerce can plan and design their business so wonderfully that no students of science or humanities can achieve. The students of commerce have the in depth knowledge of each and every process of business from planning to execution to review and obtaining the desired results.

Commerce: As A Branch Of Business

Business starts with an idea and reaches till its fructification. Commerce takes care of all the transactions, be it monetary or goods or services or its employees details. Commerce has a record book for each and every activity from first to last. It helps you maintain all your records and track them easily whenever needed. Importance of commerce stream can be easily diagnosed from the foundation of any business to its excellence.

Commerce is thus termed as a study of trade and business. First of all it searches for the need of the materials and services, then caters all areas of production, next it moves on to creating appropriate market for the goods and services  and last but not the least selling and meeting the demands of both the buyer and the producer. In short we can say that commerce involves all the activities which facilitate trade and business directly or indirectly. Commerce believes in one simple principle that is whatever is produced must be consumed.

It Would Be Totally Unacceptable To Assume Commerce As An Easy Task

Commerce can never be an option for the students just like that or if they could not land anywhere and assume that commerce will be an easy ride they are stepping into a wrong zone altogether. Commerce stream has its own importance and as any other subject needs aptitude and interest of the students. The student must think well before choosing this commerce stream as it is a wide arena which seeks hard labour and day and night efforts. The students who love to play with numerical facts and figures and statistics and love to gamble with numbers matching, commerce is just made for you. Such figures lover students gel with commerce stream as water with water. The student should accept commerce as a challenge and try to learn the techniques to travel far in this field.

Commerce has a reputation of its own and for all its career opportunities it provides. The students need a mentor and guide to travel across this vast zone of commerce and to achieve success in the world of commerce stream. Who can be a better co traveller and guide than ACADEMY OF COMMERCE?  Academy of commerce provides you the best mentors and faculty to take you to the next step of success in the field of commerce. One can reach great heights of success in this field if one is determined to achieve success.

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