Clearing a CA final is definitely not an easy cake walk. You need to be highly committed to attending your tuition classes or coaching classes. As the subjects are vast, you need to study your lessons as and when they are taught at your respective CA coaching center. You need to solve problems in Mathematics, Statistics, and Accountancy.

A thorough and a meticulous preparation in your subjects is definitely required from your end. 1% of all applicants who appear for their CA final exam, end up clearing the same at the first go.

These are handy tips and techniques on how to clear CA final, at the first go:

Do not get too overwhelmed

The first tip for the day is, not to get too overwhelmed. You must have seen CA students piling up a mountain of books in front of them. Getting reference textbooks apart from the study material for all the papers you cover for CA finals is not a wise idea at all. You may not know where to start and where to end.

Have reference books for specialized subjects or difficult subjects. Again subjects that require you to work with numbers or figures are ones, where you can even aim for a centum. For these subjects, you can keep additional reference books or guides. This tip will surely help you in the long run. For theory based subjects it is better to stick with the study material you have at hand.

Keep in touch with the CA board

This is another useful tip you have. You can cover your revision papers at ease. Especially when you keep in touch with the CA board. The Chartered Accountancy board has its curriculum offices spread across the nook and corner of the country.

Keep yourself updated with the latest amendments, provisions or company laws. These keep changing from time to time. The questions can again be asked in a twisted manner. You need to know about the latest amendments or provisions. This happens, when you keep in touch with CA faculty members available at the board.

Prioritize the topics for study

For a CA final, the books are huge. You have several chapters, notes, anecdotes, provisions, laws, mathematical problems, and computer application. It is hard to make a judgmental view on what to study and what to skip. You can take help from the faculty board as to the chapters or questions that are attempted a maximum number of times at the CA final examinations.

If you cover the important concepts as suggested by your faculty team or CA board, you can have ample time to revise the portions at least twice or thrice. You can score over 60% in most of the CA subjects if you follow this particular tip. Even in chapters, there might be a few concepts that are more important over the rest of them.

Prepare summary notes

The moment a chapter has been dealt with, prepare your own copy of summary notes. You must go through your summary notes at least two to three times. Prepare your summary notes for every important chapter in all your subjects. You just have around 8 papers for your CA final.

When you revise your chapter wise summary notes before your CA finals, you get a list of info on each and every chapter, covering your subjects. Also, have a reference guide handy to make additional preparation. But stick to the known topics. Do not try your hand at learning new concepts before the day of the exam.

Take a better care of your health

Many CA students or students who appear for various competitive exams commit this particular blunder. They skip meals before the onset of the exam. You also have the tendency to keep sipping in cups and cups of coffee in order to stay awake. This is a very wrong practice.

You can even faint on the day of the exam if you resort to such malpractices. Having a healthy meal including a lot of fruits and vegetables can help you stay energized and fresh. You can even crunch on dry fruits so that you don’t feel sleepy before the start of the exam. You also need to take a proper rest for 6-7 hours. A well-balanced diet and proper sleep can help you crack your CA finals in a much better way.

Stay tuned with the conclusion of latest case laws

Latest case laws, provisions or amendments can be asked for a CA final. But as a student, it is literally impossible to know the applicable name of each and every law. Let me reiterate this with a simple example in lay man’s terms:

You might be aware of laws that look into the safety or welfare of animals. But you may not know what the case law’s name is. Only ½ a mark is awarded to write the applicable names of case laws. Hence, if you cannot memorize each and every one of them, then remember the case law’s conclusion. You can frame two to three sentences on your own if you know the case law’s conclusion.

Presentation of answers- the key rule

It is not your degree examination wherein you fill pages and pages of content. And you are awarded fabulous marks. CA or Chartered Accountancy is a professional course just like Engineering or Medicine.

More than the length of answers, the relevancy of content is what can award you with higher marks. Start presenting your answers in a systematic manner from day 1. You can follow this tip for the sequence of presentation. Start off, with what the examiner is asking for. Then state the relevant provision of law if applicable to that particular question. You can present the conclusion the similar way as the conclusion of a case law is usually presented. This unique way of presenting answers comes with thorough practice.  And this is definitely not a single night journey.

Practice mock question papers

This is another ordeal most of the CA students face. They spend too much time answering one particular question that they tend to skip the rest of them.

In order to pick up speed or momentum in answering the maximum number of questions, within the stipulated time, you need to practice mock question papers. You can keep a stopped clock to calculate the time you take over answering each question.

You also have a fair idea on what questions are repeatedly asked for CA final examinations. By following this technique on how to clear CA final, you can also touch upon important topics on each and every area of study.

You can start cracking mock question papers at least 3 months before the onset of the CA final examination.

These are very practical tips and techniques on how to clear CA final without any hassles. That too at the first go!

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