What are good Courses and Career after Bcom

So, you just passed your B.com and are looking for career options to shape your life. You must have hassled a lot to find the best course possible to become a professional in this field. Well, breathe a sigh of relief and rejoice because you have found the firm article that will guide you to opt for a better career.

From the most popular option of becoming a CA to ICWAI, which is not so popular anymore, we have got it all covered for you.

Read along to find out the best possible careers to opt for after B.com

  1. Chartered Accountant ( CA )

The most obvious and popular opt after students do graduation in commerce stream, read B Com. So much so, that many students prefer pursuing CA along with their B.com degree. Many students don’t know that there is a silver lining when you enroll for CA after B.com. There is no need to give the entry level exam i.e. CPT if a student has 55% in the B.com.

A chartered accountant gives advice, audit accounts and informs the firm about financial records. The job usually involves financial reporting, taxation, auditing, forensic accounting, corporate finance and accounting systems. CA can be pursued after doing any graduation, so if you are in some other field and want to make big bucks, be patient, and pursue CA after your degree.


This is where most students start to stumble, they perceive finance as similar as accounting, well, it’s not the same thing. Finance is very vast and accounting is a mere branch of it. But, there are still options to choose if you want to do MBA in Finance, the best one being CAT, GMAT, and XAT. These three are the best options to opt; the preparation for them should start when you are in the final year of your B.com.

This will give you a year head start before the exam. A whole year of preparation will work a magic spell in your answer sheet.

As an MBA in finance, you will have to keep track of company’s expenses and know everything about the whereabouts of the company’s money. This means, big responsibilities ahead for the students trying or thinking to pursue this.

  1. M.COM

The master degree course after B.com is the one that people favor the most, you can pursue the same too. M.com has many specializations such as Economics, Statistics, Business, Finance, and Accounting. If we talk about M.Phil or Ph.D. There is not much value left in those, to be honest. Maybe that’s the reason people have started preferring CA more than this.

  1. Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India  ( ICWAI )

This is one popular field people still opt for and get great careers ahead. It is one of the better courses to opt for but still lags behind CA. After ICWAI you can do M.Phil or start a job as Cost controller or Chief Internal Auditor and sometimes, Chief Accountant too if you have the required skills. The salary range goes from about 4 to 7 lacs per annum.


More than 40% people go for CS after B.Com as it is just a level down from CA and pays almost equal. CS focuses on the legal aspects of the firm or the business and performs qualitative analyses. CS requires high preparation and a dedicated mind to achieve. This course has amazing potential.

A company secretary acts as a link between the company, government, and the shareholders. A CS is responsible for looking after the company policies and keeping the company parallel to the law and regulations.

Remember this before enrolling anywhere

The above courses carry amazing potential to build you a better path to put your career on. Each and every course demands a certain level of dedication as none of them is easy. After you complete your B.Com, you can pursue any of these, but it would be good if you have decided the course in the final year of your B.Com as it gives you much more studying time.

Keep in mind that the key subjects you have a firm grip will come in handy in your future. Choose your courses according to your strong subjects. If you have a strong grip on accounts, opt for CA.

If finance strikes your fancy, MBA in finance will work wonders for you.

Whatever you choose, choose what you have an interest in and it won’t feel like hard work. You will have enough time to think about the right course when you find out your favorite subjects.

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