ACCA Course Structure and Fees

ACCA fees are different with respect to the country. The certification of ACCA is offered by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (Which is also the full form of ACCA), with a deep understanding of fee structure and other information about ACCA.

The priority among their emphasis is the quality of accounts based education which allows a person to gain national standards in accounting.

ACCA is one of the most prestigious and professional bodies with an international recognition and huge respect in the corporate world.

The United Nations Body has given a formal recognition to ACCA and so has The European Union.

Established in 1930, ACCA is the global body which provides the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification for both FCCA or ACCA.

More than 150,000 members have opted for ACCA from 180 countries, did we mention 455,000 students.

The examinations for ACCA is held four times a year worldwide. The months are March, June, September, and December as written exams.

Exams that are Computer-based are held for the first four exams from any examination center that is ACCA licensed.

The duration for ACCA is 2-3 years and this is the normal time required to finish the course.

Maximum duration for ACCA course is 10 years.

The syllabus of ACCA consists of 14 examinations and some exemptions are mostly available.

Qualification for ACCA is structured in two parts, i.e. the fundamentals level has 9 examinations and the professional one has 5 examinations.

ACCA course aids you to qualify and clear for all the 14 examinations. The members will enhance your career prospects and improve earning an opportunity.

Exam Pattern

  • The examinations for the ACCA course are held 4 times a year. The months of the examination are stated above.

The exams from F1 to F4 can be taken online around the year at any authorized computer-based exam centers approved by ACCA.

  • The duration of ACCA exam depends on the subject and the exam. Most of them are 2-3 hours long.
  • Most exams have a mix of multiple choice questions and MTQs (Multi-Task Questions). Most of which are task-based.

Practical Experience and Practice Certificate:

  • Completing ACCA examination is not enough, in addition to it and completing the Ethics module you must have work experience. To become an ACCA you need to have at least 3 years of relevant work experience.
  • Certain performance objectives that students need to attain are dictated by the ACCA. Once the work experience criteria are fulfilled the student will receive the practical certificate, approved by the ACCA.

The ACCA is an honored and reputed body of education and is responsible for many successful members and pupils.

The duration of ACCA is 2-3 years but the impact of that education and experience is forever.

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